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Hours of Operation:
Monday:   12:00/8:00P.m.
Tuesday:  12:00/8:00P.m.
Wednesday: 1
Thursday:  12:00/8:00P.m.
Friday:  12:00/8:00P.m.
Saturday:  12:00/8:00P.m.
Sunday: Closed

Everyday is a celebration in a moment of somebody's life.

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  • We have just added an additional full-time artist to our staff! If you are in or around the shop, be sure to give a warm welcome to Lesley Flores. 


Salty Siren Tattoo Lounge  Mission 

My mission at the start of my shop and even still today is to always foster a neutral space where everyone feels welcome, seen, valid, and heard. Where you are not intimidated or condescended to, where you don’t feel awkward or out of place just because you may not be heavily tattooed or an average tattoo client. Every tattoo matters, no matter if it’s big or small, your 1st or 50th piece. They each are special & celebrate/commemorate/honor a piece of a person’s life — let’s make it a positive & memorable occasion for them!



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